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The assistant credit manager, who has been with the company longer than me, routinely asks me to make decisions about whether or not to release orders to delinquent accounts despite the fact that the amounts in question are well within her authority limits. How do I prevent her from passing the buck every time a difficult decision comes up?

Answer: The next time she comes in to try to pass the buck, refuse delivery. Say something like: This decision is well within your authority limits. Please review the situation and make the best decision you can. Alternatively, the next time she asks for help, tell her you left your Superman costume at home so she will need to make the decision herself.

Readers Comment:
Regarding your question in the 3/1/04 edition of this newsletter about the assistant credit manager asking the manager to make the tough decision. I would ask the assistant manager what she would do, and then give my opinion if it were different. It gets her to think on her own, and learn from your decision if it is different from hers. I used to do that with all of the people that worked with me. I had people that were new to credit and people with twenty years experience and it was a learning experience for me and for them every time.

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