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How To Get or Keep The Credit Job of
Your Dreams in These Uncertain Times
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF

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There are a number of skills and attributes of credit professionals that are highly prized by employers, including these:

  • Technical skills in risk management, and financial statement analysis

  • Superior verbal and written communication skills

  • Self confidence [not arrogance]

  • The ability to motivate other employees to assist the credit department in resolving problems that cross departmental boundaries

  • The ability to inspire loyalty among subordinates

  • A track record of documented successes and achievements

  • The vision needed to increase the credit department's effectiveness without necessarily increasing costs

  • An understanding of how multiple sources of information can be used together to help the company control delinquencies and reduce bad debt losses

  • A personal commitment to continuing professional development

  • A willingness to accept the fact that the credit department cannot think of itself as an island within the larger company

  • The flexibility to adapt quickly to changing business conditions and changing priorities

  • The ability to accept, or even embrace new technologies

Awareness of the attributes that employers look for is one of the keys to getting a job, and keeping a job. If you think that you might be deficient in any of the areas listed above, this is the time to make any necessary adjustments.

One final thought... There is an old adage that "opportunity only knocks once." I think this is a misstatement and that the truth is closer to this:

  • Opportunity only knocks once

  • Opportunity usually knocks very quietly and

  • Opportunity often disguises itself as more responsibility, longer hours, and bigger challenges, and...

  • For these reasons, opportunities are sometimes missed

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