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Career Mistakes
You'll Want to Avoid These Mistakes
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF 

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Rule 1... Never disagree or argue with your boss in public. The corollary to this rule is never disagree in private either.

2. You get two chances to slap a salesperson... Once on the back on the way up, and once on the back of the head on their way down.

3. Some credit managers' résumés shown that they have ten years experience. In reality, they often have one year of experience repeated ten times.

4. Either lead by example; or move over to let someone lead who is willing to do so.

5. There are a dozen or more theories about how to win arguments with customers - and all of them are wrong. There are no winners in an argument with a customer.

6. The trouble with allowing subordinates to learn from trial and error are errors ... which are expensive, embarrassing, and hard to ignore or to dismiss.

7. Never give a delinquent customer the benefit of the doubt. Call fax or write to confirm the facts.

8. If you don't make a big deal about broken payment commitments, customers and salespeople will think of the problem as less serious than it is - and you are far more likely to become a victim again and again.

9. If you do not protest and charge back unearned cash discounts, not only will the problem grow, but it will accelerate.

10. The credit department is not a democracy. Respect your staff by listening to their points of view. Give their ideas due consideration, and then make a decision and be certain that your instructions do not leave room for interpretation.

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