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Professional Designations
for the Business Credit Manager
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF

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Professional Certification Programs

Most credit professionals know that the National Association of Credit Management offers a Professional Certification Program. The three most widely recognized designations within this Program are:

  • The Credit Business Associate Designation

  • The Credit Business Fellow Designation, and

  • The Certified Credit Executive Designation

NACM's Program creates a growth path for career minded credit professionals who want to reap the rewards from their efforts, their expertise, and their accomplishments. While possession any of these designations does not guarantee professional competency or the quality of service the employee can provide, earning one of these designations indicates that an individual has completed certain required steps, and has the practical experience and technical knowledge necessary to perform credit related tasks with a certain level of proficiency. For the credit professional, receiving any of these professional designations provides the following benefits:

  • These professional designations offer a competitive advantage when applying for employment. Professional designations may be the differentiating factor [the competitive edge] in a hiring decision.

  • People with these designations have a degree of professional credibility?in effect; these designations are evidence of professional skills, achievement and effectiveness.

  • Earning one [or more] of these designations increases the likelihood that an employee will provide high quality services to their employer.

Virtually every employee of the credit department can benefit from earning one of these professional designations.

Reprinted with permission from the Covering Credit Newsletter 11/09/02 Edition © 2002 All Rights Reserved

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