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Job Description For A Collector
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF

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A. To identify when delinquent accounts need to be called based on their terms of sale and call promptly once an account becomes past due.

B. To follow up frequently for payment commitments.

C. To provide detailed information in the on line credit notes.

D. To handle all requests for documentation and to conduct all research resulting from the morning calls in the afternoon.

E. To reconcile at least one disputed account per day.

F. To provide superior customer service to our internal and our external customers.

G. To inform sales representatives of significant changes in account status in a timely and professional manner.

H. To compile and submit information about problem accounts to the Department Manager.

I. To maintain good customer relations.


A. To perform other tasks as assigned
B. To work as a team with sales, customers, other departments and members of this department to increase sales and accelerate cash inflows and reduce credit risk


A. Education: Bachelor's Degree preferred.

B. Experience: Minimum of three years of experience in collections.

C. Skills/Characteristics necessary to perform essential functions:

  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skill.

  2. Exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills.

  3. Problem solving skills.

D. Performance Expectations:

  1. You must follow the instructions given by your manager.

  2. You must respond to written inquiries from your manager within one business day.

  3. The telephone needs to be your primary collection tool – not emails, letters, faxes, etc.

  4. You are expected to be on the telephone no less than two hours a day.

  5. Focus on speaking to a decision maker. Leaving voice mails is ineffective.

  6. Do not place accounts for collection without prior written approval.

  7. Do not place accounts on credit hold without approval from your manager.

  8. Your goal is to call every delinquent customer by the time the account is fifteen days past due.

  9. Follow up calls should be placed daily once a customer has been contacted.

  10. When accounts payable tells you they cannot make a reasonable payment commitment, ask to speak to their manager. .

  11. You must get approval from your manager before agreeing to extended payment plans, joint checks or any other unusual arrangement.

  12. Your goal is not to note customer promises, but to negotiate for better commitments. In other words, unless the customer offers immediate payment in full, ask for a better commitment and expect to get it.

  13. Insubordination, both active and passive, will not be tolerated.

  14. You may not work overtime without prior approval.

  15. Be assertive, but not aggressive during collection calls with customer.

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