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Business Correspondence
By Steven Kozack.

To some extent, your ability to generate effective correspondence reflects well on you as a credit professional. Conversely, having poor writing skills reflects negatively on a credit manager. Your business writing goals should include:

  • Making certain letters and memos are clear and concise

  • Eliminating repetitive phrases in your correspondence

  • To include powerful opening and closing remarks

  • To make certain the reader understands the action you want him or her to take and the deadline for completing this work

  • Eliminating the use of jargon in order to make your correspondence more user friendly

  • Avoid the use of clichés and trite phrases

  • Avoiding correspondence that is overly formal, even pompous and/or offensive to the reader

  • Creating documents that appeal to the reader's needs and wants

  • For internal documents, creating memos and emails that provide only the specific information that the recipient needs

  • Making sure all correspondence includes a subject line

Following these guidelines will help every person in the credit department to generate better and more compelling letters, memos and email messages

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