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Some User Friendly Websites
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF

More and more often, credit managers and their subordinates are being given access to the Internet. While there are many websites that are not business related and would be entirely inappropriate to visit at work, there are a growing number of websites that are useful for credit professionals selling products both domestically and internationally, including these:

  1. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] website at This website allows visitors to review quarterly and annual financial statements and other reports filed with the SEC going back up to five years. Access to this site is free, but it contains information only on publicly traded companies.

  2. System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval [SEDAR] website at This site has been used since 1997 to file and reports information on Canadian publicly traded companies. Access is free. This site is similar in function and intent to the U.S. SEC website.

  3. Country commercial guides from the U.S. government's Department of Commerce. The reports are available at Commercial guides containing information on business and economic conditions in various foreign countries, along with an analysis of the political climate. Basic commercial guide information is free.

  4. The search engine AltaVista allows users to translate up to 150 words from English into any one of eight foreign languages. The site is at This service is free.

  5. If you are wondering what your job is worth, a free site permits users to search for salary data on various positions within a company in most States and in numerous foreign countries. With this information, credit professionals will be in a better position to negotiate their salary - or to recognize when they are being adequately compensated.

  6. The National Association of Credit Management's website at contains a wealth of information useful to credit professionals at all levels of experience.

  7. Another useful resource on the Internet for credit professionals is Access to portions of this website are free and this free information is appropriate to credit professionals at all levels of experience

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