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Handling Technological Change
By Michael C. Dennis, MBA, CBF, and Steven Kozack

If you are intimidated by the pace of technological changes and are slow to adopt new technologies, the dust cloud ahead just might be your competition leaving you behind. If you fall too far behind, you risk losing your job either because you can no longer meet the job requirements, or because you cannot provide the necessary leadership to your department.

Technology is constantly evolving, and credit managers must keep pace with these changes - or risk being viewed by their employer as being:

  • too rigid
  • out of touch
  • incapable of adapting to change as required

The pace of technological change is increasing, and the time to act is now. What should you do? Make a commitment to become more technologically literate starting today. Follow up on this commitment by making action every day that strengthens your understanding of technological change - and how these changes might affect your department in general and your job specifically. This can be done by taking classes, using tutorials, spending time with your Information Technology [IT] staff, reading books and magazines --- and most important of all by putting aside your fears and getting involved in IT related assignments.

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