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  Terrorism and Business Credit  

Education and Industry Groups Post-Sept 11

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By Doug Fox, CCE and Scott Blakeley, Esq.
Reprinted by permission from Trade Vendor Quarterly Blakeley & Blakeley LLP

The industry group can be rich source of information and education for the credit professional. However, the Sept. 11 events have made travel difficult and attendance is down with meetings of national industry groups. The economic downturn has also made it difficult for a credit professional to support lengthy travel for industry group meetings. Several NACM affiliates have industry groups that have gone electronic. Web conferencing is being used by industry members to discuss with a host a number of topics. The industry member may communicate with the host and other members via computer. Because of antitrust concerns, chat rooms have not been favored by industry group members. The Internet may also be used by the credit professional to obtain immediate updates to trade group information.

Douglas G Fox, GSCFM, CCE is a member of Mid-Atlantic NACM and is active in the Greater Delaware Valley Region and Philadelphia area.

Scott E. Blakeley is a principal of Blakeley & Blakeley LLP where he practices creditors' rights and bankruptcy law. He can be reached at

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